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Welcome, and thanks for visiting! My name is Kevin Yong, and I'm a digital prepress specialist with over a decade of experience in the printing industry. I also work as a freelance writer and cartoonist with a focus on comic book publishing; I am a part of the comic book publishing studio of New Creation Now, and I serve on the board of the non-profit Christian Comic Arts Society.

My professional profile and resume is available at Linkedin. A partial bibliography of my past comics-related is available here.

Other sections of the website: [Magical Space Pony Webcomic] [New Crew] [Tales of Hemlock] [Blog]

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About the sections

Magical Space Pony - The Webcomic: A non sequiter single-panel comic strip updated daily, Monday through Friday. As the name implies, it's a webcomic... about a pony...from outer space...and magical!

The New Crew: The homepage of my comic book parody from New Creation Entertainment, featuring "the best heroes that money can buy". With full background details on the characters, original story notes, desktop publishing tutorials, and original character design sketches.

Tales of Hemlock: The homepage for my ongoing comic book series from God and Country Graphics. Each issue follows the path of a paranormal investigator through a mysterious ghost town, on a spiritual journey of dark fantasy, science-fiction, and existential dread.

Writerlad Blog: A randomly updated archive of my various essays, reviews, fanzine articles, and other miscellaneous ramblings on topics ranging from comics fandom, to pop culture Calvinism, to desktop publishing tips & tricks.

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