The Indignant Bomber, maskedCharacter Bio:
The Indignant Bomber

Real Name: Filbert Keeps

Height: 6'1"
Weight: Depends on the size of his lunch.
Eyes: Wild
Hair: Mussy

History: A former demolitions expert who was forced into an early retirement by a nervous breakdown. He spent his days watching TV, surfing the internet, and hanging up on telemarketers, until the constant annoyance of modern city life caused his mind to snap.

Embarking upon an ill-conceived "war against annoying things", the Indignant Bomber himself soon became an annoyance to all superheroes who passed his way. He and his "Disgruntled Liberation Front" would set fire to something, a superhero would foil their plans, his trial would become a media circus, he would be sentenced to psychiatric care, from which he would escape within several months to begin the process again.

Most recently, the Indignant Bomber has appointed himself as arch-nemesis of "The New Crew", whom he considers the most annoyingly over-hyped superhero team.

Powers: None, and despite his bulky stature, he has very little hand-to-hand fighting skills. He usually carries explosives and incendiary devices.

Notes from the author's original series proposal:

In real-life, I know many people who have come to despise certain celebrities, studios, TV shows or movies simply because they got sick of seeing the hype everywhere they looked. The Indignant Bomber takes this far too seriously, and to a ridiculous extreme... In that respect, he and the New Crew share the same flaw: they treat the trivial details of modern culture (merchandising, opinion polls, TV coverage) as if they were matters of life and death.

This story isn't meant to be serious, so I'm trying to play the villain as comical rather than outright "evil". He is certainly dangerous, but his "crusade" is not motivated by religious, political or ideological extremism. Quite simply, he finds many things in modern life to be annoying, and he is on a personal crusade to blow up anything that interferes with his "right to not be annoyed". At the top of his list of annoyances is the mass marketing of over-hyped pop-culture icons. And at the top of his list of most despised mass marketed over-hyped pop-culture icons is the New Crew. Wackiness (and extensive fire damage) ensues.

The Indignant Bomber, unmaskedThe really scary thing about New Viras City is not that it has villains like the Indignant Bomber running around. The scary thing is that he is able to recruit such a sizable number of henchmen for his disorganized "Disgruntled Liberation Front"!

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