Captain Perfect and RearguardCharacter Bio:
Captain Perfect & Rearguard

Real Names: Earl Gohnson (Captain Perfect), Victor Johnson (Rearguard)

Height: 6'2"
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Brown, (Earl wears blue contact lenses)
Hair: Brown

History: Shortly after mutants and superheroes began making appearances on earth, two down-on-their-luck siblings were contacted by a race of well-intentioned aliens. The aliens' stated goals were to help worlds "on the brink of weirdness" maintain a balance of power. Towards this end, they go from planet to planet, giving super-powered battlesuits to specially chosen champions. For unfathomable reasons, they picked the Johnson brothers.

While Victor kept his powers a secret and used them only in dire emergencies, Earl used his powers to become a action-movie celebrity. Neither had any plans on moving on to careers as superheroes.

However, on a fateful day when all the "real" superheroes of the world were occupied elsewhere, Earl and Victor reluctantly found that they were all that stood between New Viras City and a rampaging monster-of-the-week.

As the battle cut a swath of destruction through town, several other mutant misfits joined in the fight. Surprisingly, they not only survived, but defeated the monster. The city was grateful and, despite some grumblings about the massive amounts of collateral damage, the odd group of unlikely heroes received their fifteen minutes of fame on the evening news. Never one to allow publicity to go to waste, Earl persuaded the other accidental heroes to join him in starting their own tax shelter superhero team. And thus was born "The New Crew".

Powers: The alien battlesuits worn by Captain Perfect and Rearguard grants them superhuman strength and the power of flight. They are protected by a personal force field, which can be extended to protect/restrain others as well. Their gauntlets can shoot energy blasts, and also contain communication devices. The gauntlets are the main interface and power source of the battlesuit. The rest of the suit can change shape to the wearer's specifications (i.e. -- Rearguard's mask, Captain Perfect's cape.)

Notes from the author's original series proposal:

Captain Perfect and Rearguard are twin brothers with opposite personalities. They also don't look all that much alike anymore (thanks to Perfect's cosmetic surgery and Hollywood makeup techniques). Capt. Perfect has a bodybuilder's physique and the face of a 1950's sci-fi hero: perfect teeth, hair, and a big square chin. Rearguard looks much more mundane and average, is not very muscular, and has perpetually scruffy hair.

The two share leadership responsibilities on the team, although they have radically different goals. Perfect formed the New Crew for the sole purpose of turning it into a moneymaking franchise. He is a close friend (and campaign contributor) to all the influential people who might be in a position to criticize the team. In contrast, Rearguard wants to honestly use his powers to help people, but spends most of his time trying to mitigate the damage done by his teammates and to reign in his brother's bad ideas.

The two gain superhuman powers from wearing living armor which was given to them by a race of mysterious aliens. (This alien organization bestows their powers without any apparent qualifications -- it would be as if DC's Guardians of the Universe didn't care who would be the next Green Lantern and instead just handed the ring to the next random individual who happened to be walking down the street and... oh, wait, I think that was done already. Well, never mind that analogy then.)

Their super-suits are equipped for an alien police officer: It grants them super strength, flight, renders the wearer bulletproof, gives them super-senses and has a built-in radio communicator. In a combination of offense and defense, the suits can restrain people in force-fields. Although the basic designs are similar, Capt. Perfect has modified his to be more dramatic and "kewl" (such as a billowing cape, more ornate buckles, buttons, straps, and other decorations to the boots, belt, gloves and wristbands.)

Real Names: Captain Perfect: Earl Gohnson; Rearguard: Victor Johnson (Their last names are pronounced the same. Earl just changed the spelling to be pretentious.)

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