Cosmos in spacesuitCharacter Bio:

Real Name: Unknown

Height: Suit is 6' tall. Its occupant's height is unknown.
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Unknown

History: Almost nothing is known about the hero "Cosmos". He (?) first appeared in the midst of a battle the New Crew had when extradimentional quasi-quantum aliens tried to take over Project Firefox (which is a top secret lab specializing in extradimentional quasi-quantum energy experiments). Cosmos appeared amid the smoke and explosions of the Firefox labs and offered to help. He has been considered at least a part-time member ever since, coming and going from headquarters without notice.

The public is fascinated by this mystery hero of few (yet big) words and many secrets. The New Crew is equally fascinated, because none of their members have yet actually admitted which one of them ever asked Cosmos to join the team in the first place!

Powers: Seemingly able to warp the very fabric of space and time, albeit not with any great precision. Can project, nullify, absorb, and otherwise manipulate gravity, magnetism, and other forms of energy. Has also demonstrated powers of flight and teleportation.

Notes from the author's original series proposal:

A mysterious hero whose identity is hidden beneath a bulky NASA surplus space suit and electronic voice scrambler. Cosmos has wide-ranging "cosmic" powers, able to manipulate gravity, magnetism, and other energy. This raw power compensates for any lack of mobility, but his/her/its lack of any precision with those powers makes them more dangerous than helpful. Still, Cosmos is the real powerhouse of an otherwise weak team.

Cosmos is aloof and mysterious, even to teammates, but if you question the wisdom of entrusting yourself to an unnamed, unaccountable, masked vigilante of whom you can find absolutely no information whatsoever, it's obvious (or so says the New Crew's supporters) that you're a paranoid nut.

I came up with the "unknown" aspect of this character based on the political buzz in the mid-1990's about "who hired Craig Livingstone?". Hey, if a guy can get hired at the White House without anyone admitting to having actually hiring him, then why can't a superhero invite himself into a team?

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