DecibelleCharacter Bio:

Real Name: Velvet Mirabella Macnally

Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Original color is unknown, but is presently dyed black with purple streaks

History: A former teen rock singer whose fifteen minutes of fame came and went before she was even old enough to vote. Her career stalled after her first musical contract expired, and her repeated run-ins with the law derailed her attempts to revive it. In her early twenties, Decibelle went into "retirement", and vanished from the public scene.

A few years later, Decibelle re-appeared immediately after the New Crew's formation. She offered to join the team, hoping that a career as a superheroine would help rehabilitate her public image. No explanation was made as to the origin of her newfound sonic powers (although rumors connect it to the many shady characters she made friends with during her brief stays in jail/rehab.)

Ultimately, it was Decibelle's bank account, not super powers, that secured her a spot on the team. She made a small fortune during the time she was a teen fad, most of which went unsquandered only due to it having been off-limits in a trust fund. Older, but still not much wiser, Decibelle is presently using the remnants of her childhood fortune to finance the New Crew's activities.

Powers: Is able to redirect ambient sound waves to project deafening sonic booms, shatter objects with focused supersonic vibrations, etc.

Notes from the author's original series proposal:

A formerly shallow and spoiled teen idol, now a shallow, spoiled, and embittered ex-teen idol. As a spotlight-stealing member of the New Crew, she is trying to use her newly-acquired sonic powers to reboot her career. (It is rumored that she was given her powers by a drunken mad scientist she befriended during one of her many court-mandated stays at a rehab clinic.)

Decibelle still has a reputation as a troublemaker, but her occasional problems with the law are handled with kid gloves because she's now a "popular" super-heroine celebrity. Most of her teammates are growing to resent always having to make excuses for her embarrassingly bad attitude, misbehavior, and run-ins with the law. However, they keep her on the team because her residual royalties are financing the team's day-to-day operating expenses while Captain Perfect invests his Hollywood finances in the team's marketing and public relations (and in get-rich-quick schemes).

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