Ig-GlueCharacter Bio:

Real Name: Ignatious Auberon

Height: 6' (6'6" in suit)
Eyes: Jaundiced brown
Hair: None

History: Ignatious "Iggy" Auberon was once among New Viras City's most successful shysters lawyers. However, while touring a glue factory in the hopes of finding grounds for a lawsuit, he discovered more safety problems than he had counted on. Besides the unsafe construction which led to him being dumped into a vat of glue, the glue itself had been tainted by mutagenic chemicals from the factory's neighboring toxic waste reprocessing center. When Iggy emerged from the oozing vat, his body had been permanently altered.

Unable to remove the continually-replenishing layer of adhesive from his body, Iggy was unable to continue his legal career -- his appearance was a distraction in court, his voice was garbled due to the glue covering his mouth, and every inanimate object in his office was soon stuck together in a gooey mess. Iggy retired from his law firm and became a recluse.

Iggy would likely have remained in a Teflon-coated retirement if not for an accident. Caught as an innocent bystander during a monster-of-the-week's rampage through New Viras City, Iggy and the other unlikely heroes who would eventually become "The New Crew" were able to combine their powers to defeat the monster. Seeing a golden opportunity, Iggy (taking on the superhero name of Ig-Glue) and Captain Perfect joined forces to transform their fifteen minutes of fame into the world's most profitable non-profit superhero team.

Ig-Glue has since formed a close symbiotic partnership with his teammate, Office Lady, to handle the team's legal concerns and "spin doctoring". Ig-Glue, ugly and speech-impaired, acts as the brains behind the team; Office Lady, beautiful and endearing, acts as the team's enormously popular public mouthpiece.

Powers: Ig-Glue's skin secretes large quantities of a sticky, fast-drying adhesive slime. With effort, he is able to increase his body's production of this goo, but he is unable to shut it off completely. To keep from sticking to every object he touches, Ig-Glue always wears a full body suit made of special non-stick materials. His costume is outfitted with tubing which is able to shoot out his body's excess adhesive in a pressurized stream. It is unknown how he's able to breathe, since his mouth is so often covered in glue -- but since it obviously hasn't killed him yet, it must be simply an unexplained quirk of his powers.

Notes from the author's original series proposal:

The New Crew's legal advisor. He generally communicates with written messages because his voice is garbled by all the glue. He drafts all the team's official press releases, and advises the rest to avoid public comment until he and Office Lady have had a chance to "spin" the day's events. Although he is a walking puddle of adhesive, he has become quite skilled in ensuring that nothing ever sticks to him or his teammates. (Yes, that was a deliberate pun.)


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