Lizard LadCharacter Bio:
Lizard Lad

Real Name: Aaron Lizard

Height: 5'4"
Eyes: Red
Hair: None
Skin: Scaly green

History: It is not known exactly what transformed a seemingly normal (albeit not exceptionally bright) high school student into a humanoid mutant reptile. Perhaps it was some genetic quirk inherited from his parents, who had been exposed to exotic chemicals when they had vandalized a government research lab back in their days as radical hippies. Perhaps it was the frequent neighborhood contamination that took place during the early years of super-heroics (such as extraterrestrial viruses brought by alien tourists, second-hand radiation exposure from reckless use of x-ray vision, or sloppy handling of unidentifiable mutagenic slime). Or perhaps it was simply a fit of cosmic irony in response to his parents having changed their family name to "Lizard" in a show of solidarity with oppressed rain forest fauna.

Whatever the cause, the teenage Aaron's adolescent growing pains ended with him in the condition he is now: a reptilian mutant, complete with scales and a tail. In many places in the world, this would be considered quite extraordinary; however, in the New Crew's jaded hometown of New Viras City, Aaron was able to continue on with his life without more than an occasional raised eyebrow.

In emulation of the New Crew, Aaron desired to become a superhero himself... complete with a mask to conceal his identity. As "The Unmistakable Lizard Lad", Aaron's nocturnal exploits have earned him a small but devoted fan following, and the general public has largely chosen to play along with this futile attempt at maintaining a secret identity. In response to his favorable polling result in the "plucky young sidekick/mascot" category, the New Crew has accepted him into their ranks, apparently taking a "don't ask, don't tell" approach to their legal liability in bringing an underage minor with them into death-defying superhero adventures.

Powers: Has the proportionate speed, strength, and agility of a gecko... which isn't really all that much. Besides these marginally superhuman physical prowess, Lizard Lad has super-strong, suction-tipped fingers and toes which allow him to climb walls and ceilings. When threatened, he has the ability to detach his tail and grow a new one. (It is assumed that he also has the power to regenerate severed arms and legs, but he has been understandably reluctant to test that hypothesis.)

Notes from the author's original series proposal:

A happy-go-lucky teen hero who possesses the powers (and appearance) of a gecko. He wants to be a super-hero mainly for the sake of adventure and excitement. Even though his physical transformation is permanent, he vainly tries to protect his secret identity by wearing a mask in his super-heroic identity -- ignoring the fact that his scaly green skin and tail might still be a telltale clue as to his identity. Idealistic, enthusiastic and not very bright, he's a perfect combination to be duped by Captain Perfect's pep talks and the Ig-Glue/Office Lady "spin of the day".

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