Office LadyCharacter Bio:
Office Lady

Real Name: Estelle "Stella" Linberg

Height: 5'6"
Weight: Top Secret
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde (rumored to be bleached)

History: During the New Crew's first adventure, the group of soon-to-be superheroes battled a rampaging monster through the streets of New Viras City. One bystander caught in the crossfire was a part-time secretary named Estelle, who blinded the monster when its head got stuck in her office's photocopy machine. Despite this limited role in the final defeat of the monster, Estelle's artful handling of the ensuing media circus led to her becoming an indispensable member of the newly formed superhero team, adopting the costumed identity of "Office Lady".

Office Lady does not get along well with her teammates (apart from her working relationship with Ig-Glue as the team's "spin doctors"). She is manipulative, self-centered, lies without hesitation, and has never demonstrated any real super-powers. In spite of this, her popularity in focus group demographics led the team to keep her on as a member despite any and all shortcomings.

Powers: Office Lady claims to have "super secretarial powers", but has yet to reveal anything about the origin and nature of these alleged super-abilities.

Notes from the author's original series proposal:

A mysterious heroine whose secrets (if any of her tall tales are true) probably won't be delved into for quite awhile. Off the record, "Office Lady" claims to be a secretary who had connections to both the mob and/or a secret spy organization, got wrapped up in a double-crossing tax embezzlement scandal and went on the run. She joined the New Crew in the hopes that having super-heroes as friends will provide her with some measure of safety from criminals, and that her celebrity will shield her from being made to simply "disappear" by any conspiratorial spies.

Or, maybe she just likes to tell elaborate lies. ;-)

Office Lady, behind the scenesWhen actually doing secretarial work in the HQ, she wears glasses and keeps her hair in a bun. When appearing in public, she first must undergo a Hollywood-style makeover into the team's official PR spokesmodel who relays the "spin" to all inquiring reporters.

She is so popular with the public (and so disarmingly perky) that few reporters can bring themselves to grill her with tough questions... she'd take it personally and then they would be seen as the villains for having caused emotional turmoil to the public's favorite heroine. ("Stop bashing strong women!") While her penchant for telling elaborate lies can often annoy her teammates, they tolerate it because it is such a vital skill when it comes to her role as the team's "spin doctor".

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