Silver Wolf #1

Silver Wolf #1 cover art preview

It's the epic first issue origin tale, as teenager Tom Trainor must deal with a brand new life of danger, adventure, and secrecy as he inadvertently inherits his retired super-hero uncle's fantastic powers, and faces off against a host of old and new adversaries!

Join us for a two-fisted tale of summer vacations, mad scientists, mysterious meteorites, robot minions, cyborg vultures, ghostly pirates and awkward teenagers in the fantastic first issue of Silver Wolf, by the creative team of Kevin Yong, Eric Jansen and Larry Blake!

Full-color, 44 pages, perfect bound. $10. Now available at

Bonus Story!

Preview art of GROM THE SPACE HILL

Silver Wolf #1 also includes a special bonus backup story: the sci-fi saga of Grom The Space Hill, a deep space adventure off the deep end, inspired in the wild improvisational style of Mad-Libs and Axe Cop!

Scripted and Penciled by Eric Jansen, Inked and Colored by Geoff Strout.

About Us

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ERIC JANSEN: Silver Wolf Co-Creator, Writer and Penciller
An artist and writer, Eric is the creator of the character Paraman, publisher of Freedom Fighter, Infiltrator, A Christmas Treasury, Stalker Science Fiction Magazine, and other titles at God and Country Graphics, and is the author of the novel Jonas Quest: Bloodrunner's Legacy. Working at the printing ministry of Foursquare Missions Press for fourteen years, Eric’s tracts and booklets have been printed and shipped in the millions, in numerous languages, all over the world!

KEVIN YONG: Silver Wolf Co-Creator, Writer and Letterer
A writer and artist, Kevin is the creator of the character Virtue, and of the comics Tales of Hemlock and New Crew. He works as a digital prepress artist in his day job, and freelances with writing and editing the New Visions and Ragged Capes anthologies from the New Creation Comics studio. More information on his other various projects can be found online at

LARRY BLAKE: Silver Wolf Inker
Larry is the creator of the long-running anthology title Psychozort and the sci-fi humor series Kevin Cool, is an illustrator for the Golden Age tribute series Five Star Comics and countless other small press independent titles. Larry is a lifelong comics fan, prolific comics creator, and winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2009 Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (S.P.A.C.E.)

GEOFF STROUT: Grom Inker and Colorist
Geoff is a freelance writer and illustrator, whose work has appeared in the anthologies of Proverbs and Parables, New Visions, and Ragged Capes from New Creation Comics. His vibrant range of artwork is showcased online at

The writers and artists on this project have all at one time or another been members of the Christian Comic Arts Society and the Alpha-Omega Amateur Press Association. Find out more at!


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