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What the local heroes of New Viras City lack in skill, they make up for in marketing. But is there more to super-heroic adventuring than press releases and polling data?

When the self-proclaimed "Indignant Bomber" targets New Viras City, both Virtue and the New Crew set out to bring him to justice. However, when the rival heroes cross paths, all they get for their efforts is disaster. Suddenly, with the city ablaze and a bomber at large, the New Crew is faced with its greatest challenge ever: To avoid getting blamed for the mess!

Color cover, B&W interiors, 32 pages. Published July 2000.
Limited quantities available from the publisher at

A newly recolored version of this story is in production and will be re-released when available.


This 2003 B&W anthology collection of Christmas stories from God & Country Graphics is currently out of print. It contained a holiday adventure featuring the New Crew and Virtue teaming up against the villainous Missile-Toad, and was (very) loosely based on the Christmas carol "I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day".

A newly recolored version of this story is in production and will be re-released when available.


Ragged Capes is a graphic novel anthology brought to you by the creative team behind the Christian webcomic
studio of Unlike the more lighthearted parody adventures of the New Crew, this more serious anthology collection of superhero character studies explores their motivations of hope, fear, faith and doubt in a superhuman look at the darker frailties of human nature. The anthology features a story of the Christian superheroine Virtue, focusing on how the consequences of sins from her past may continue to impact the present.

Full color, 40 pages, trade paperback. Published 2010.

Free online preview available at and also available for purchase from


Currently in production, this ongoing anthology from New Creation Now will include a chapter featuring Captain Perfect of the New Crew. Check back for more details as they become available.


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Limited Quantities!

    A few copies of the original first issue of the New Crew are still available from the publisher at
    Cover art, New Crew #1 first printing
    Wraparound, full-color cover.
    B&W interiors. 32 pages.

The further adventures of Virtue

    Moving beyond the lighthearted parody of the New Crew series, the heroine "Virtue" now continues her own solo adventures in Ragged Capes, an anthology title from
    Cover art, Ragged Capes #1
    40 pages, full color, trade paperback
    For sale online at

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