Cast of Characters

Captain Perfect: The charismatic, smooth-talking founder of the team. A small-time actor who rose to stardom after gaining extraterrestrial super-powers.

Rearguard: The reluctant superhero. Captain Perfect's brother, he shares the same powers but is always overshadowed by his outgoing sibling.

Office Lady: A photogenic secretary turned superheroine. The dubious existence of her "Super Secretarial Powers" has not kept her from endearing herself to the public as the New Crew's official spokesmodel spokesperson.

Cosmos: A mysterious hero hidden behind a thickly sealed space suit. Seems to possess powers over gravity, magnetism and the fundamental laws of physics. Nobody knows his/her/its true identity... including Cosmos' teammates.

Ig-Glue: A lawyer who was forced to change careers after a freak accident turned him into a walking, dripping puddle of glue. The New Crew's legal advisor and self-proclaimed "mashter of adheshives".

Lizard Lad: A well-intentioned (if not very bright) teenage hero with the powers -- and appearance -- of a lizard. He wears a mask to hide his identity, apparently unaware that his green skin and tail might be a clue.

Decibelle: Possesses ear-splitting sonic powers. A former teen-idol whose 15 minutes of fame came and went, she hopes that the New Crew's celebrity will help rehabilitate her career.

Paw: A science professor whose lab mishap granted him the power to transform into a giant lion-like creature. He joined the team in the hopes of using the fame to advocate his obscure social causes.

That Little Alien Guy: A little green man from outer space. Uses his advanced technological skill to aid the team, even while making fun of the "pathetic earthlings".

The Indignant Bomber: The firebombing ringleader of the "Disgruntled Liberation Front". He is the sworn enemy of tangled bureaucracies, public annoyances, and media-saturated celebrities like the New Crew.

Virtue: A police officer by day, a superheroine by night. She works independently of the New Crew, and is often used as a scapegoat by their supporters.

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